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Our strategic planning services empower organizations to navigate the complex landscape of business with foresight and purpose. We collaborate closely with clients to define clear objectives, analyze market dynamics & develop robust strategies tailored to their unique needs. Leveraging our expertise in industry trends  and competitive landscapes, we guide the formulation of actionable plans that drive sustainable growth. From SWOT analysis to implementation roadmaps, our comprehensive approach ensures a strategic framework that adapts to evolving challenges, positioning clients for long-term success in today's dynamic business environment.


Our program development service are a catalyst for innovation and organizational advancement.

We collaborate closely with

clients to conceptualize, design

and implement tailored programs

that align with their goals and

aspirations. Whether it's

educational initiatives, training modules, or strategic initiatives, our team brings a

wealth of expertise to the table. We follow a systematic approach, conducting thorough needs assessments, crafting engaging content, and implementing

robust evaluation mechanisms.

With a keen focus on scalability &

sustainability, our program development services ensure that

clients not only meet their

immediate objectives but also lay

the foundation for enduring

success and growth.


Our community engagement services foster meaningful connections and empower organizations to build strong,

collaborative relationships with their

communities. We employ comprehensive approach that involves understanding the unique

dynamics of each community, identifying key stakholders and developing strategies to facilitate open dialogue. Through innovative outreach programs, events and digital platforms, we create avenues for constructive engagement and

participation. Our goal is to bridge gaps, amplify voices and co-create

initiatives that address community

needs. With a focus on inclusivity 

and sustainability, our community

engagement services not only strengthen ties but contributes to the long-term vitality of both organizations and the communities they serve.



 Valentine Communications started in 2014 by husband & wife Melvin & Michelle Valentine. Valentine Communications is a family owned business that is a leading consulting firm dedicated  to delivering strategic solutions in the realm of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). With a proven track record of fostering collaboration between public entities and private enterprises, we facilitate innovative projects that drive economic growth and social development. Here at Valentine Communications we have become a trusted name in the industry. Our passion for connecting people and fostering meaningful relationships is at the heart of everything we do. Through our innovative & personalized approach, we strive to provide exceptional communication solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

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Successful Collaborations

Our case studies have always been at the forefront of our work, that is why we form true partnership with everyone we work with. Valentine Communications clients are clients for life.

Please have a look at who we’ve worked with in the past.


One of Our Most Successful Campaigns

Valentine Communications represented The City Of North Las Vegas over a period of  5 years. We were there every step of the way, leveraging strategic partnerships, content creation,  building workforce programs  that catered to workforce development & business development  attracting target audiences  for community engagement while ensuring  maximum coverage.


Valentine Communications worked successfully  with CPLC rebranding our Choice Neighborhood team.

We found deep synergy with understanding the importance of diversity and inclusivity.  

 We were pleased and catered our services to align with Chicano Por La Causa's values

and unique client base. We were intentional & moved the needle forward by 

fostering cultural sensitivity and authenticity throughout our business relationship.

                                                   DROPP GROUP

Valentine Communications  provided excellent consulting services to the WEB3 software TECH company  with the knowledge & strategies necessary to effectively communicate their value proposition, establish a strong brand presence & connect with their target audience in the dynamic WEB3 landscape. Valentine Communications advised on community engagement strategies including participation in forums & online communities, to foster relationships and attract potential customers & collaborators.

Valentine Communications offered strategic planning & implementation for Nevada Partners Steminars, worked
with Stem Manager to assist in program development & community recruitment. Through extensive market research & strategic planning, we developed a targeted marketing campaign that engaged the local community. Valentine Communications developed a program that assisted in making impactful engaging content to bring awareness & promote community engagement.

Valentine Communications created a program that contributed to the role with Teach For America, moving the needle forward with discussion of changing the face of education. Valentine Communications  community development program enhanced TFA's communication efforts helping them effectively convey their mission to a wider audience and ultimately making  a greater impact in the field of education.

A Big Win for Our Client

We successfully represented Itaka in a high profile campaign just last year. We guided them throughout several challenging media interviews, resulting in a major win.

On the Phone

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Outstanding Quality

If you are ready to take your business & vision to the next level then contact us. Here at Valentine Communications we offer a free phone consultation to provide valuable guidance and support to our clients. We have taken the friction out of your experience by understanding your unique communication needs & challenges. We'll listen actively to your concerns and provide personalized

recommendations based on our deep industry knowledge & expertise. Our Free phone consultation is designed to empower

you with the information our clients need to enhance their communication capabilities.

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